R.V. Bug Stop – Useful or Annoying?

I stumbled across the R.V. Bug Stop the other day and thought it was an interesting idea. I’d be remiss to not pick one up and let my loyal friends know my thoughts on how useful or annoying this thing is.

I have been camping when bugs are thick and it is difficult to keep them out of the camper. That is the idea here, a simple spring loaded slider that pushes the screen door slider closed when you let go of it. So I fired up Amazon and it was on the way to install on our Arctic Fox. The koozy was a typical impulse buy.

Installation is super simple. Position it on the screen door, figure out your exact alignment. Peel the tape off of the pre-installed double-sided tape. Stick it up there.

Oh – and here is the link to the Koozie!


Make sure there is a GAP here. Otherwise it will drag and not function correctly!

As you can see in the above picture, there is a TAB that is what pushes the slider closed. When I first installed, that tab was touching the track for the slide and the unit would not work correctly. And that my friends, is how I learned that the double sided tape is pretty damn strong. It took a bit of pressure and patience to remove the unit and then re-install with a gap between the tab and the side track rail.

As you can see, it works as advertised for sure. It feels sturdy and durable and the tape attachment is also quite strong. The big question is will it be more annoying than useful? I’m not 100% sure on that yet, but I suspect we’ll “get used to it” and it’s won’t bother us. I’ll be sure and update this after we’ve got a few trips under our belt with the R.V. Bug Stop installed.

UPDATE 1: So was out in the camper this weekend installing some speakers. The speakers that came with the camper are kinda crap. Anyway, like with any project, I was in and out quite a bit and also had the AC running as it was around 80F outside. Yep – it’s annoying in this scenario. When camping in hot/cold weather the screen and the door tend to remain attached. For right now I got a large spring clip that I can clamp on the bar to keep it open – and am working on an easier to use solution. The clamp I’m using is very similar to this, but not exactly – not sure where I got it.

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