Welcome to Fix Your Camper! We are excited that you found us. I am IT guy in my day to day life who has a passion for camping, RVing, and the great outdoors. My wife and I truck and tent camped for many years. Then in 2007 we bought our first camper, a Casita Spirit Deluxe. I’m also a geek who likes to tweak and tune my passions so the “improvements” began almost immediately.

Out in the “world” of social media the misinformation and disrespect are rampant. I spent a lot of time in a lot of groups trying to learn things and help people. It became exhausting and I started thinking about something better. I started thinking we need somewhere that the value is the content and community, not the readers eyeballs and personal information.

The Better Option

I built this site and community to get an area where knowledgeable folks can share idea’s and work together to make EVERYONE’s camping experience better. A place where we can respect each other and pool our collective knowledge in a way that isn’t filtered and manipulated by any social media algorithms, false or misleading information, or lack of compassion for our fellow campers. A place for the best to show their stuff and for everyone to come and learn.

We exist to provide value to you. If we don’t do that in one form or another we are failing our mission. That value could be learning something that makes your camping life easier. It could be the gratification you feel when you help someone else who is having a problem. It might be a sense of community you feel amongst friends.

This is the blog where you will see the public facing side of Fix Your Camper. I’ll be posting articles and information here to share with the world. The 2nd part is a private community where we collect resources and collaborate – like adults. This will be where the good stuff is cataloged, organized and discussed. I looked for a place like this, and couldn’t find it. We are building something unique.

You will see advertisements and affiliate links. It is not free to run a site like this. While I don’t have control of the content of the advertisements, I can assure you that the affiliate links are products I use and recommend. Every time.

So here is the thing, no matter your skill or experience level, our private Member Community is where we can continue the conversation. Get in today on the ground floor of what is going to be an amazing group of resources and people!

Boondocking SF National Forest

Intro to Boondocking

There are a few subjects in the RV camping world that cause people dread. First is probably dealing with the black tank, but I’d …
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About RV Batteries

I would argue that the 12V electrical system in your RV is the most critical system in there. Without functioning 12V, the vast majority …
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Types of Campers

When searching for a new camper one of the key decisions to make is determine what type of camper/RV will work best for your camping …
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